Here, we presented space with ample ways one can live life to its fullest. The project is planned to extricate the soul from its shell by employing several life-affirming amenities that will lead people into enjoying the moments they have. A plethora of amenities, functional in more than one ways, are placed all along with the project to get everyone to come together and enjoy life.


A hub of activities, the party lawn is a very versatile area. You can have a whole lot more than just parties here. The function of this area changes according to the time of the day, as its predominant aspect is its versatility. Parties, barbeques, conferences, picnics; indeed, anything that makes people come together for any cause can be done here.


Paved on the sides are paths where you can walk, tread or jog as you see fit, but it is the perfect way to get your blood pumping. Whether it is for your evening routine or the morning one, the walkways will have you breathing the good air that shrouds the project, to complement the exercise and get your body fine-tuned to proper health.


Perhaps the spot to come together on occasion to celebrate something grand, the amphitheatre is the quintessential amenity for a euphoric time. Shaped like a bowl, this is where the entire community can congregate, not dissimilar to church though not so holy, it is, however, a great place to strengthen the bonds.


Quite the perfect spot for one to go and enjoy a most relaxing time. This wide patch of rolling grasslands is ideal to bring you and your caddy for a placid time playing golf. Of course, it doesn't have to be a competition, but also a good way to spend your time having fun while simultaneously creating bonds that last forever.


Of course, we know that your pets are precious, thats why we have a space completely dedicated to hosting them. It is a place where they can be themselves and have their best instinct come out to the surface. It has all the right ingredients for your pets to be happy when you cant be with them - definitely a pet heaven.


A special enclave for kids to have fun in a more exhilarating manner - this zone will make them live their free time like little daredevils. There are many activities here that would make them feel like they’re living their life to the fullest, including the quite daring Climbing Wall, which itself is going to have them feel they’ve climbed a mountain.


This is a place for those who exercise to come out with their muscles blazing and have it toned; but at the same time get fresh air. All those fitness enthusiasts can now come together to bond over their shared passion for maintaining a healthy body. This is how friendships and relationships can be forged, when passions collide.


If you are looking at staying home for your work, then you need not stay in bed and try to work - it could be counterproductive. We have in our buildings, a dedicated business centre with ample facilities for you to get your work done without having to leave your residence. Work is important, but family is even more, that's why we made it convenient.


Are you here trying to get the best out of your time, but can't find the time to enjoy the simplest pleasures? Well, for instance, you want to watch that movie on the big screen, but its not playing nearby. However here’s where we can help you by providing you with your very own movie theatre that you can watch with your friends and family.


When the guests come over in short notice, and you aren't ready to give them a good time, then perhaps the best way to offer them a nice time is to have them come over to the Club House’ Guest Room. Here, the accommodations are done perfectly for them to have a pleasant time so that they remember their visit fondly.


There is a bibliophile in you, and he/she is always craving for the best books to read when you find yourself with ample leisure time. For those who want to get their fix of books, the library at Humming bird is stocked with the right books to titillate your cerebral nerves. Here, there is provided an ambiance for a good reading.